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Who We Are

QLUX LED LIGHTS manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of products ranging from led streetlight, led floodlight, led tube light, led panel light, led bulb, led junction light etc. QLUX has been the market leader in led lights for over 15 years. It has manufacturing locations in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

The QLUX Consumer business has been the best performing business. QLUX portfolio of energy-efficient products include indoor and outdoor product range. It has the largest number of rated energy efficient products.

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Our Mission

To be the top lighting network 2021. A growing ethical organisation that continuously strives to improve the quality of life of all the stake holders through its innovative, qualitative, competitive and eco-friendly products that meet the expectations and standards of every relation.

Our mission is to make QLUX a daily need. we want that QLUX be a very well know brand in its sector we are to makes it. we want that the QLUX will be known as big brand in its sector.

Our Vision

To glow the glorious world with our innovations and excellence. We think about all the sector that effects the product. We think for environment, government polices.

We want to run our company with the government with the environmentally safe zone. We want to adopt the future Production. we are also ready for the future even if there will be a new thing comes after led. we are ready to do for after that also we want to grow the company by multiply the turnover not adding percentage in it.

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Why Trust Our Client

Business Support

The product has good durability, flexible design and can provide customized services according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of customers

Secure, Verifying, Fast Solution

End to end product delivery system, Product Testing in which mainly lumen and surge protection test and all Testing For Great Quality. Providing solutions and technical services for customers.

Customers Support

Our customers feel like they’re involved in all conversations with a business. Marketing Support according to customers' needs.

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we are provide 24/7 hours to support.

What Say Our Client

Appreciate your product because of your product really made the value for money and make a market value through consumer satisfaction.

I believe your Great product functionality and service output and product has completed my expectation. very useful and adorable feature of the output.

The greatest think about these products is that they just work completely. I really enjoy my dealings with you and get in touch with you have an awesome experience.